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Media Azi Cartoon. Do You Have Any Troubles with Digital TV? The Minister Will Help You!

The transition to digital TV was supposed to be completed in 2015; however, it was postponed countless times, including due to the fact that viewers who owned old TV sets were not provided with digital signal converters. Seven years later, on May 3, 2022, the analog signal was ceased. However, not everyone obtained the devices in question, and many citizens are left without access to information broadcast on TV. How many are they? We have not found it out, but a related case has recently reached the ears of Andrei Spinu, Minister of Infrastructure.

According to the official, recently, a woman wrote to him complaining that she could not get the equipment necessary to connect to digital TV, and he decided to settle that issue. He left all the ministerial duties for a while to pay her a personal visit. “She only had two channels at her disposal. Now, she can watch 10 free HD channels. I was glad to see that it functioned well,” Spinu wrote on Facebook, where he also published a photo of himself with a remote control in his hand.

In this context, some netizens have mentioned that, many years ago, when the TV signal disappeared from the screen, people would “search” for it using antennas or even forks. The digital age, however, implies that solutions are also digital ones. All you have to do is send the minister a message on Facebook, and the next day, you will find the necessary equipment delivered by him to your door.

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