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Media Azi is the platform of the Independent Journalism Center that publishes relevant information in the field of media on a daily basis in order to explain phenomena, tendencies, and problems related to the information space in the Republic of Moldova to the general public. In a never-ending flow of local and international news about the press, interviews, analytical articles, broadcasts, and cartoons, we suggest creating a sufficient informational environment for anyone who is eager to get the latest news from the Moldovan press and have a well-grounded opinion.

At the same time, Media Azi offers useful tools and resources to media professionals: recommendations on professional activity, legal provisions regarding the media sphere, deontological codes and guides to good practice in journalism, etc.

The Media Azi website was developed in 2013, with the financial support of the United States Embassy in the Republic of Moldova.

Editorial Policy of the IJC’s Media Azi Portal

The Independent Journalism Center, a non-governmental, non-profit, and apolitical entity, is the first media organization in the Republic of Moldova which manages the Media Azi and Mediacritica portals to fulfill its mission and contribute to consolidation of the free press.


Fairness and impartiality: The information published is presented in a fair, well-balanced, and impartial manner and helps the portal audience understand the events and issues to be discussed.

Deontology and ethics: The Media Azi portal journalists, as well as the other staff of the Independent Journalism Center comply with the highest ethical standards and professional deontological principles.

Human rights: In the content published on Media Azi, the authors do not discriminate anyone on the basis of ethnic origin, spoken language, religion, age, sex, etc.

Gender equality: The Media Azi portal complies with the principle of gender equality and supports balanced and professional reflection of topics about women and men. The authors use feminine definitions for professions, insofar as this principle is applicable.

No political affiliation: Journalists and other staff of the Independent Journalism Center are not politically affiliated; in their activity within the organization, they do not support any political parties or politicians during the election campaigns or outside them.


The Media Azi portal journalists practice their activity in strict compliance with the provisions of the Deontological Code of the Journalist from the Republic of Moldova and other self-regulatory standards, also acting in the spirit of the law governing the media sphere.

The news is published timely and spread via various communication channels to reach the target groups.

The authors who publish analytical materials and are not part of the IJC team are uncorrupted persons.

The articles published on Media Azi, along with audio, video, and interactive products, may be republished upon prior consent of the representatives of the Independent Journalism Center.The editorial responsibility for the content published on the Media Azi portal, as well as on the platform subpages, belongs entirely to the Independent Journalism Center.

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