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Media Azi Cartoon. Putin’s Regime: Killed Journalists, Oppressed Press, and Propaganda Spread around the Globe

Killing journalists in Ukraine, suppressing the press in Russia, and amplification of propaganda around the globe. These are just a few consequences of the military invasion launched by Vladimir Putin’s regime in the neighboring country which we have been witnessing every day for more than a year. The number of injured, killed, and detained reporters, cameramen, and photographers has been steadily increasing, whereas many independent Russian media outlets have been exiled, and the other ones shut down by the Kremlin authorities. In the context of these troubling cases, media experts are alarmed about the scale of propaganda and disinformation spread by Moscow which increasingly affects every one of us.

The truth, however, cannot be suppressed! It is also the message journalists, civil society representatives, and civic activists from the Republic of Moldova demonstrated in front of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Chisinau on May 3, when the Press Freedom Day is celebrated worldwide. The participants of the flashmob organized by the Independent Journalism Center intended to emphasize the impact of the conflict in Ukraine on the free and independent media and to share the message that the war should be stopped.

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