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Media Azi Cartoon: Dismissal of the BC Members at the Government’s Whim

After long consideration, the ruling party has found the most appropriate formula which, according to the deputies, helps them hold the Broadcasting Council (BC), an autonomous institution with irrevocable members, accountable. Actually… it used to be so until the parliamentary majority recently voted in the final reading for a draft law allowing to revoke the BC members if it is found that any of them fulfills their duties “improperly”, or it is stated that the authority’s activity is “substandard.”

However, it is unclear what exactly the deputies mean by such terms as “improperly” or “substandard” when characterizing the activity of the Council members. How could they demonstrate and objectively motivate their decision to dismiss one of the members of the institution or its president? Experts are alarmed that any party that comes to power could change the BC composition at its whim.

Is that the way good times look? Currently, we are only convinced that the new government does not necessarily imply new methods.

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