Three Other TV Channels Fined for Commercials with Excessive Sound Level

Some TV channels keep breaching the law by broadcasting commercials with a sound level higher than that of the channel’s other broadcasts, according to the results of the monitoring conducted by the Broadcasting Council (BC). At the meeting held on Friday, August 4, the authority fined Jurnal TV, Moldova 1, and Moldova 2 channels.

According to the Code of Audiovisual Media Services, media service providers shall have the obligation to standardize the sound level of their programs with that used while broadcasting commercials and the BC periodically monitors compliance with this provision. This time, the authority controlled four TV channels on June 16, 18, and 21, during different time intervals. Publika TV did not commit any breaches, whereas Jurnal TV was fined 5000 lei, Moldova 1 – 6000 lei, and Moldova 2 – 7000 lei.

The BC can impose fines for discrepancies between the sound level of commercials and that of media programs since 2017, when it received the necessary equipment. In April 2022, the institution published an explanatory guide on sound level standardization.

Media Azi has also written about similar breaches. For instance, in June 2023, the Council imposed sanctions in the amount of 49000 lei to such TV channels as N4, Rlive TV, REN Moldova, Studio L, Exclusiv TV, TV6, and TVC 21, and previously, in February, six other TV channels were fined 32500 lei in total. According to a BC statement, in 2022, fines totaling 64000 lei were applied for commercials with excessive sound level.

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