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Media Azi Cartoon: “Cantankerous” Truth of Journalistic Investigations

Mariana Durlesteanu, the withdrawn candidate of the majority coalition for the position of prime minister, has described the actions of the RISE Moldova journalists as “cantankerous” after the reporters wrote about two apartments she owns in London as the ex-ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to Great Britain. “You’re being cantankerous” was the message addressed to the journalists by the ex-ambassador and the ex-Minister of Finance shortly after the journalistic material was published.

Coincidentally or not, Durlesteanu announced her withdrawal after a conversation with the RISE Moldova reporters, and the question “Who will be the next candidate?” dictates the agenda of public discussions these days. Whoever takes the chair of the head of the Cabinet of Ministers, refraining from badmouthing the media would be an important skill.

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