Licenses of six more TV stations suspended for the duration of the state of emergency

The Commission for Exceptional Situations (CES) decided to suspend the licenses of six TV stations “that promote foreign interests”, Prime Minister Dorin Recean announced on October 30. These stations are Orizont TV, ITV, Prime TV, Publika TV, Canal 2 and Canal 3. The decision was made upon the recommendation of the Information and Security Service (ISS). 

According to ISS Director Alexandru Musteața, the six broadcasters work “with multiple violations of the legislation, found by the BC, but also based on information held by the ISS, representing a danger to information security”. “We have operative information, but also evidence that the Russian Federation influences the November 5 local elections and undermines the democratic process in our country. This is done by several methods, including well-established disinformation campaigns through certain TV stations, websites and social networks that are part of the arsenal of a hybrid war on our country. ( … ) The stations constantly promote manipulative narratives, which generate an additional source of instability in the vicinity of Ukraine, NATO and the EU,” he argued at a press briefing held on Monday, October 30. 

Shortly after, Prime Minister Dorin Recean published a post on Facebook, in which he announced that “upon the recommendation of the ISS, the CES decided to suspend the licenses of six TV stations that promote foreign interests. These televisions are subordinated to the criminal groups of Plahotniuc and Shor, who joined efforts to destabilize the country. We have evidence that these stations are pursuing an interest from outside the Republic of Moldova, for destabilizing purposes. We will not allow this and we will always act promptly and decisively in the interests of the citizens.” 

At the end of last year, the Commission for Exceptional Situations decided to suspend the broadcasting licenses of Primul în Moldova, Accent TV, TV6, Orhei TV, NTV Moldova and RTR Moldova for the duration of the state of emergency. The order was issued in the evening of December 16

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