Internews study: Moldova has satisfactory local media coverage, with 68 active regional outlets 

In Moldova there are 113 local and regional media outlets, of which only 68 are active, and most of them are located in urban areas, while two radio outlets are located in rural areas. Donduseni district is the region with the worst media coverage in the country, according to data of the national study of local media mapping in Moldova, conducted by Internews Moldova. 

The purpose of mapping the local media landscape in Moldova, according to the authors, was to analyze the availability of media in the regions of the country, with the exception of the capital city and the Transnistrian region, in order to determine the existence of areas with limited access to information.  

According to the data, there are seven “gray” districts, in which none of the 68 active local media identified has a headquarters: Edinet, Riscani and Donduseni in the northern region of the country; Telenesti, Calarasi and Dubasari in the central region; and Stefan Voda in the southern region of Moldova. However, the study shows, with the exception of Donduseni district, all other districts were mentioned by some local media managers as being covered by the media when necessary. 

On the other hand, the districts with the best media coverage, with three or more media outlets available in the region, are Balti, Drochia and Soroca in the northern region; Ungheni, Orhei and Nisporeni in the central region; Cahul, Basarabeasca and Cimislia in the southern region. 

As for the location of editorial offices, most of them are located in urban areas. 66 of the local media outlets have their offices in cities, and only two radio stations, Pro Mingir and Radio Cultura Divina, are located in rural areas. 

Type and format of local media outlets 

Depending on the type of media, most outlets produce written content. Of the 68 active outlets, 22 present information in print (newspapers). Of these, 13 media have both a printed version and an online platform. 19 outlets, according to Internews, are exclusively in online format. Of the 14 local and regional television stations identified, 12 broadcast their content on television, but also have an online platform. The other two televisions have no websites. As for the 13 radio stations identified, only four also have an online portal. 

Type and format of local editorial offices in Moldova 

In the case of local media, convergence is a rather slow process, the authors reveal. Almost 1/3 of all local media (20 of the 68 identified) do not have an online platform. The main cause, according to representatives of local editorial offices, is the lack of funds for the development of a website. The authors of the study also list the lack of digital capabilities and skills, as well as specialized human resources. 

The Internews study finds that, from a quantitative point of view, Moldova in general, as well as its regions, have a satisfactory media coverage, and in order to cover those identified “gray areas”, the researchers consider that more detailed and comprehensive evaluation studies are needed. They should focus on the qualitative aspects of research, including market analysis. 

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