The TRM Ombudsman Is Offered a Period of Three Months to Improve Professional Activity

The Teleradio-Moldova ombudsman has been offered a term of three months to improve “the aspects of her activity which have been considered deficient”, according to Vlad Turcanu, the director of the institution. The decision was made after the assessment process of the company staff was completed. Carmelia Albu did not comment upon this information for Media Azi, only mentioning she would concentrate on drafting a new work concept.

Media Azi previously wrote about the conclusions of the Supervision and Development Council (SDC) of the public provider, according to which the Ombudsman’s activity for the TRM audience in 2022 was described as inefficient. Moreover, during the previous year, the Ombudsman filed only one monthly activity report, “subsequently refusing to fulfill her obligations.” The TRM management does not provide any other details of her activity, but specifies that, at that moment, the professional skill assessment procedure was underway, and as a result, a decision regarding Carmelia Albu’s activity was to be made.

Three weeks later, Vlad Turcanu, TRM director, refused to provide any details about the results of Carmelia Albu’s assessment, mentioning that the information was intended “for internal use.” “This assessment ended with a series of recommendations for Ms. Albu and, if I am not mistaken, she was given a three-month period to improve the aspects of her activity which were considered deficient,” Turcanu told us.

Alexandrina Carpu, TRM head of staff, did not provide any detail regarding the results of Carmelia Albu’s professional assessment and what exactly she was reproached for. “Carmelia Albu’s activity was analyzed, the advantages and disadvantages of her activity were listed, and recommendations were made to improve them. We expect activity from the Ombudsman, presenting an activity concept within the management committee,” she specified.

Carmelia Albu has reiterated for Media Azi that she is unaware of any conclusions from the SDC report concerning the activity of the TRM Ombudsman service. “At TRM, the staff assessment process started, including at the Ombudsman’s service. Currently, pursuant to the recommendations of the Council of Europe, I am working on developing a new service concept,” she explains. Albu has not commented on Vlad Turcanu’s statements on the results of her professional assessment.

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