Jurnal TV Is Ordered to Disprove the Information Broadcast about the Businessman Corneliu Turcanu

The Jurnal TV channel was ordered by the court of original jurisdiction to disprove the information broadcast two years ago which concerned Corneliu Turcanu, a businessman active in the field of winemaking. The decision issued on November 21 orders the media outlet to pay the protagonist the amount of 15 000 lei as a compensation for moral damage.

Corneliu Turcanu addressed the court after the “Jurnalul orei 19.00” newscast of February 26, 2021, which included a material stating that “an investigation was initiated against a company from the Republic of Moldova for alleged counterfeiting of Australian brand wines.” According to Jurnal TV, the Moldovan enterprise liable for counterfeiting the wines “was returned to the administration of its founder, the controversial businessman Corneliu Turcanu.” “Previously, an investigation for fraud in particularly large proportions had been initiated against him, and, according to the press, he had contributed to the bankruptcy of the banking system, the scheme known as the ‘theft of the century’”, Jurnal TV affirmed.

Following his complaint for protecting his honor, dignity, and professional reputation, Chisinau Court, Centru Headquarters, ordered the TV channel to disprove the information that “Corneliu Turcanu was involved in the bank fraud case, he is a controversial businessman who contributed o the bankruptcy of the banking system, the scheme known as the ‘theft of the century’”. In addition, the media outlet was obliged to declare that it had “admitted broadcasting false information without verifying it, thus additionally contributing to tarnishing Turcanu Corneliu’s image.”

The lawsuit was partially admitted, according to the court decision which can be appealed against within 30 days.

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