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Workshop organized by the IJC: Use of databases in investigations

06 December 2016
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The second training under the “Open Data for an Informed Public” program, organized by the Independent Journalism Center, took place in the period of December 2-3 in Chisinau. The activity was attended by journalists from national and local outlets, civic activists and IT specialists. The workshop was moderated by two experts in the field: Dumitru Lazur, reporter with RISE Moldova, specialized in investigations and investigative reports; and Anatoly Bondarenko from Ukraine, co-founder of, a portal combining classical and digital journalism.
Training participants found out about the experience of the two experts, who taught them how to access and efficiently use databases for investigative materials. They also tested several innovative data visualization tools.
The Ukrainian expert presented to participants various data visualization methods based on materials produced for, helping them better understand their usefulness in various types of investigations.
On the second day of the training, several issues were examined regarding online security, protection of sources and content. Attendees had the possibility to apply the knowledge they obtained, identifying topics for their own investigations. Guided by the two experts, participants continued work in teams, focusing on collection and structuring of basic information, so as afterwards to be able to realize the ideas outlined in the two days of training.
In the end, they presented their first results. Trainers analyzed them and pointed to the things that they should pay more attention to, recommending other useful information as well. Moreover, the experts will remain open to working teams – they can anytime get in touch with them if they have some questions.
Training participants found the knowledge obtained from the training very useful.
For Natalia Rotari, journalist with Impuls TV Soldanesti, this activity meant “lots of new information that we applied in practice.” Another thing mentioned by Natalia was team work, which enabled broad experience sharing with other colleagues.
Ana Glusco, journalist with Moldova 1 channel, was impressed by the experts’ competence, and thought they were true professionals. “They know their field and they offered lots of good examples from their experience in investigations,” said Ana, hoping that the precious information obtained from the training will help her in doing investigations.
This activity is implemented by the Independent Journalism Center in partnership with Transitions Online, with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and National Endowment for Democracy.