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Winners of the second media hackathon “The Fifth Power” have been named

05 July 2016
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DIY News, Trolless and Caucasus Hack Pack (Georgia, Armenia) are the teams that have won the second media hackathon “The Fifth Power” organized by the Independent Journalism Center and Deutsche Welle Akademie in the period of July 1-3 at the Generator Hub.
The winning teams are:
- DIY News (Do It Yourself News) – the platform developed by the team will be accessible to any Internet user, where they can produce their own video news story if they give correct answers to the six basic questions of a news story. 
- Trolless – the app focuses on identifying the false profiles of so-called trolls in social networks. It will be possible after installation of a special plug-in created by the authors of the app.
- Caucasus Hack Pack (Georgia, Armenia) – this team intends to develop an interactive game to help school students identify manipulation and think critically. Teachers are to test students’ knowledge before and after the use of the app, which will teach them identify manipulating pictures and videos, credibility of sources, etc.
The three winning teams will receive awards of 2,000 Euros for implementation of their projects, as well as prizes offered by the partners of the event – three vouchers to access the co-working space at the Generator Hub.
Winners were chosen after 60 participants from Moldova, Ukraine, Armenia and Georgia for three days worked on developing IT projects, web or mobile apps, which should improve the abilities of media consumers to critically perceive media messages, fight propaganda and filter information.
The event was attended by national and international experts in IT, design and media, who assisted the teams. They also had presentations and master classes on such topics as media education, propaganda, tools for fighting propaganda.
Members of the jury were Bettina Ruigies, Deutsche Welle Akademie Coordinator for Western Europe (Germany); Nicoleta Fotiade, trainer and researcher in media education (Romania); Viorel Frunza, IT manager for the East Europe Foundation (Moldova); Alexandru Lebedev, journalist for Diez (Moldova); and Artur Gurau, founder of Granat (Moldova). The jury assessed projects based on criteria of utility and feasibility of the project, the IT component / degree of innovation, and the progress achieved by the team during the hackathon.
About 80 participants from Moldova, 5 from Georgia, 1 from Armenia and 5 from Ukraine registered for the hackathon. 60 persons participated in the final competition, They represent different areas of activity: IT, journalism, communication, library administration, civil society, etc. The list of participants registered for the hackathon can be seen here:
This activity has been realized as part of the “Strengthening Freedom of Expression in Moldova” project implemented by the Independent Journalism Center with the support of Deutsche Welle Academie and funds from the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany.
The Independent Journalism Center (IJC) is the first media organization to provide assistance to journalists and media outlets in Moldova, having the goal of contributing to the consolidation of free and viable press through projects providing training in journalism and public relations, media campaigns, advocacy, research, and media education.