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Why Did the Staff of GRT Public TV and Radio Company Remain Without Salaries?

09 July 2019
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The management of GRT Public TV and Radio Company claims that it cannot meet its salary duties for May since the Executive Committee failed to make the financial transfers. The re-elected Bashkan of Gagauzia, Irina Vlah, said that, in fact, GRT would have received enough transfers to pay the salaries of its staff.

The staff of Comrat GRT Public TV and Radio Company also called for the People’s Assembly to get involved in solving this issue.

On 8 July, the editorial office of the GRT TV channel published a coverage stating that it had been working for two months without being paid. Vitali Gaidarji, Acting Director of GRT Public TV and Radio Company, said that Gagauzia Executive Committee was to blame. According to him, the last time the latter transferred the money was in May. Gaidarji claimed that these funds were used to pay the staff’s salaries for April.

He added that he was at that time waiting an answer from the Financial Department in order to take this case to the Court to receive the outstanding amount.

During the GRT radio show held on 9 July, Bashkan Irina Vlah, when asked by the moderator about this issue, mentioned that 50% of the transfers to GRT were made by 1 July, and that the staff was supposed to receive their salaries for June. In this regard, Irina Vlah announced that she asked the People’s Assembly to review the Activity Report of GRT Supervisory Board, and how the salary fund was managed by the administration of GRT public Company.

In its turn, Gagauz People’s Assembly also received, on 9 July, the collective complaint of GRT Public TV and Radio Company staff regarding the delay in paying the salaries.  GRT staff called for PA, as founder of GRT Company, to solve the issue of salary arrears of May 2019.
PA Chair, Vladimir Kissa, directed this request to the specialised Committee, which is to review the issue at its following meetings.
GRT has 56 employees.