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We Condemn the Selective Admission of Journalists to the Events of Public Interest

05 June 2018
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Media NGOs express their concern due to limitation of access of certain journalists from and portals from Comrat to the territory of Japanese Company Fujikura factory, where the Minister of Economy Chiril Gaburici, the Japanese Ambassador in Moldova Masanobu Yoshii, and autonomy’s leaders where on a working visit on Wednesday, 30 May.
While the governor’s press service invited the press to the event the day before it by publishing an announcement, the journalists of the two portals were not let in on the site due to their absence from the list. According to, the representative of the Governor Irina Vlah’s press service grounded the restricted access to information stating that only official press services were allowed to the event. The video recordings that appeared online show, however, that media outlets (such as Publika TV and had access to the event as well.
We condemn the practice of selective admission of journalists to the events of public interest. We remind that the media legislation guarantees the media representatives the right to participate in the public events and manifestations, obtain and distribute information, make audiovisual recordings, film and take pictures.
We also specify that Article 180 prim of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Moldova provides for the criminal liability for intentional obstruction to the activity of a media outlet or a journalist.
We ask the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) to investigate this case and to take corresponding measures against those who kept the journalists of the two portals from participating in the event and informing their readers from the original source.
We urge the officials of any rank to be open with the press and show propriety in relations with the journalists, for better information of the citizens.

Independent Journalism Center
Association of Independent Press

Association of Electronic Press
Center for Investigative Journalism
Press Freedom Committee
Access-info’ Center