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We condemn the discriminatory practices of restricting media representatives’ access to events of public interest

27 July 2017
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Media NGOs condemn the increasingly frequent restrictions imposed by State authorities on access of the press to events of public interest.
Thus, on Wednesday, July 26, photojournalist Constantin Grigorita was not allowed to attend President Igor Dodon’s meeting with media representatives, organized at the Presidential Villa in Condrita, although the journalist met all the requirements of the Presidential Administration.
We find unacceptable selective admission of media representatives to such events. Media legislation guarantees the right of journalist to obtain and disseminate information, to make audiovisual recordings, to film and photograph, and unfounded refusal to provide access to journalists is a form of discrimination and abuse. We shall note that such practices are contrary to international conventions on media and to the principles of free press.
We shall remind to the organizers of this event that intentional prevention of media activities and intimidation for criticism are also penalized under the Criminal Code of the Republic of Moldova.
We ask the Presidential Administration and personally President Igor Dodon to publicly explain why photojournalist Constantin Grigorita was not admitted to the meeting. We ask public institutions to show transparency and to build their relations with the press on the basis of mutual trust.

Independent Journalism Center
Association of Independent Press
Association of Independent TV Journalists
Press Freedom Committee
Electronic Press Association
Journalistic Investigations Center
"Acces-info" Center