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Two Days after Discussions with Media Representatives, Prime Minister Sandu Demands Resignation of the ‘Posta Moldovei’ Management

20 June 2019
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During the Government meeting of 20 June, Prime Minister Maia Sandu demanded resignation of the ‘Posta Moldovei’ leadership on the ground that this enterprise did not fulfill its obligations regarding the distribution of newspapers, as well as other illegalities.

In this respect, Sandu requested the Public Property Agency to initiate an internal investigation on the activity of ‘Posta Moldovei’ administration. ‘I had a discussion with the representatives of media outlets a few days ago, and I learned a thing I knew long before, that the leadership of “Posta Moldovei” did not fulfill their contractual obligations in relation to the print media. Even if the print media outlets have contracts and pay for newspaper distribution services, in some cases these newspapers do not reach their destination’, Sandu said. The Prime Minister said that ‘Posta Moldovei’ was allegedly involved in other illegalities, such as distribution of anabolic drugs.

Note that two days ago, new Prime Minister Maia Sandu met with a number of journalists, editors and media managers to learn about the issues faced by the media in Moldova and to set the priorities in this sector. Managers of the print media outlets repeatedly notified the authorities about the issues they have in their relationship with ‘Posta Moldovei’.

In its resolution, the Media Forum asked the ‘Posta Moldovei’ State-Owned Enterprise to ensure relevant and fair contractual conditions for timely distribution of periodicals to all subscribers. At the same time, media NGOs repeatedly asked the authorities to intervene in order to oblige ‘Posta Moldovei’ not to abuse its dominant position on the postal distribution market and to eliminate the contractual conditions abusive for the distribution of periodicals.

UPDATE: The reaction of the enterprise’s management was not long in coming. In a message published on the Facebook page, it qualifies accusations of Prime Minister Maia Sandu as unfounded ones: ‘To say that “Posta Moldovei” SOE does not fulfill its obligations to print media representatives, without naming the cases or business entities, is to disregard the work done by all the employees of the enterprise’, the authors of the message claim.