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Survey//TRM Staff Members Are Dissatisfied with Their Salaries and Think Their Institution Is “Outdated”

03 September 2021
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Teleradio-Moldova employees are dissatisfied with their salaries compared to those paid by other companies operating in the market and think their institution is “outdated,” according to the TRM Staff Satisfaction Barometer 2021. The survey was held in the second half of July.
According to the document, the survey containing no personal data was conducted to assess the level of the employees’ satisfaction with their work for the company. 143 TRM employees answered the questions which included a description of the company, their opinion of their working conditions, remuneration, benefits, personal development, organizational culture, etc.

As to remuneration, the answers to the statement “I am paid better than people from other companies in similar positions” revealed the employees’ most obvious dissatisfaction (1.9 out of 6 possible maximum points, where 6 means “I absolutely agree,” and 1 means “I absolutely disagree”).

The survey data also shows that employees younger than 29 years old who have worked for TRM less than a year are generally less dissatisfied with their salaries. Moreover, when asked why they would not recommend a friend to work for TRM, the issues most respondents mentioned were low salary (126), insufficient opportunities for promotion (63), and outdated technologies (52).

The respondents were asked to describe Teleradio-Moldova in one word which first came to their mind. The word “obsolete” was mentioned most often (19 times), followed by “family/home” (13), “service” (13), “stability” (11), and “television” (7). Such words as “power,” “low salary,” and “informative” were mentioned by five persons each.

The report also provides a list of recommendations for improving TRM’s activities, such as reviewing the payroll system; considering working experience in calculations; ensuring payroll system transparency and increasing remuneration; improving working conditions (cleaning, removing mold, renovating offices, windows, WCs, repairing stairs, modern offices, heating, air conditioning, drinking water; working schedule, transportation; stationery); modernization of video, audio, and editing technologies; modernization of film studios, purchasing new technological solutions; no political affiliation, etc.

The survey was conducted on July 12-26. It was held upon request of the TRM administration by Marina Covalciuc, HR management expert, and cost 10 000 lei. The initiative belongs to Daniela Mitelea, the Supervisory Board member. This topic was included on the agenda in late August, but no decision regarding the survey has been published on the TRM website yet.