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Survey: How to Enjoy the Right to Freedom of Expression Online and Offline

09 March 2018
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Journalists could learn more about freedom of expression in the digital space and about fields related to this right from the publication ‘First Steps in Understanding Freedom of Expression Online and Offline’ launched on Tuesday, 6 March, in Chisinau by the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI) in Moldova. The study was based on the current case-law of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR).

Alexei Marciuk, representative of ABA ROLI in Moldova, said the study is meant for journalists who want to be more versed in this field, as well as for jurists, lawyers and specialists from different fields. Its ten chapters ‘are linked, in some way, to freedom of expression: the responsibility of service providers from the information society, the right to information, the freedom of expression versus privacy and copyright, national security, licensing...’ , said Marciuk at the launching event.

Another participant in presenting the study, Alexei Kozliuk, Regional Internet Freedom Project Expert, said the information available in the document would help journalists and other related stakeholders find out more about international standards on freedom of expression.  In his opinion, the value of the said publication is that it showcases these standards, as well as the developments in the field of regulation of the freedom of expression.

‘It is a sort of guide’, said Kozliuk, and added further that bloggers, editors or representatives of non-governmental organizations will be able to understand whether the information they have is in line with the rules of freedom of expression and whether it can be published. Civil servants will learn more about what limitation of the freedom of expression means, and about how they could encourage freedom of speech.

According to Viorica Zaharia, Chairperson of the Press Council, who participated in the discussions at the launching event, the survey is welcome and very useful for Moldovan journalists, who can find all the information on the matter synthesized in one single document: cases.internetfreedom.