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The Supervisory Board of GRT Company Renewed Its Membership

15 October 2019
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During the meeting of 15 October, the Gagauz People’s Assembly appointed six of the nine members of the Supervisory Board (SB) of the regional public media service provider Gagauziya Radio Televizionu (GRT), communicates The applications of three other persons are to be discussed during the next meeting.

Twenty two people submitted their applications, but only six got the majority of the votes. Thus, members of the SB became: Roman Kolodeev – 22 votes; Tatiana Donceva, Manager at the Business Information Centre – 22 votes; Vladimir Garcev, pensioner of MIA and retired colonel – 21 votes; Andrei Ibrasim, expert zoo-technician – 21 votes; Marina Creciun, human resources specialist – 20 votes and Fiodora Ianioglo, economist and specialist at the Health Insurance Company – 20 votes.

According to the portal, the other candidates accumulated less than 17 votes, the legal limit to win the contest.

Vladimir Kissa, the Speaker of the PA, mentioned during the meeting that took place on Tuesday, 15 October, that those six members elected can adopt decisions because the SB has a quorum. He also said that soon would begin the election of the three candidates for the remaining vacant positions.

We remind that the former Supervisory Board, headed by Igor Ianak, was dismissed on 30 July 2019, by the People's Assembly, on the grounds that the SB became dysfunctional.

Local analysts say that the regional public TV channel enjoys popularity among the inhabitants of the autonomy and for this reason, GRT has been always the target of political struggles to make it loyal to the power.

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