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Like in Silvia Radu’s Days. The New Acting Mayor of the Capital City Banned the Journalists from Attending the Public Meetings of the Mayoralty

15 July 2019
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The acting Mayor General of the capital city, Adrian Talmaci, said that the Mayoralty’s sessions, which were usually held every Monday, would continue, but without media being present, writes.

Talmaci specified that the results of each session would be subsequently communicated to the public and media representatives.

The former acting Secretary of Chisinau Municipal Council (CMC), Adrian Talmaci, took over as acting Mayor General on 8 July, after the dismissal of Ruslan Codreanu by CMC on 4 July.

Such fashion of Chisinau Mayoralty to communicate with media representatives was also used by Silvia Radu in 2017, who was appointed as acting Mayor of Chisinau municipality. Radu issued an order obliging the employees of the Mayoralty’s management to communicate with the media only through the Public Relations Department.