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Selection of offers for conducting a study referring to mass-media needs in the Republic of Moldova

25 October 2019
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The project "Strategic Communication and Support to mass-media", financed by the European Union, invites interested persons - individual researchers or teams of researchers with experience in media research - to submit offers for conducting a Media Needs Assessment study in the Republic of Moldova.     
The realization of the study will be managed, within the frame of the project, by the Center for Independent Journalism and will target about 30 regional and national media institutions.
From the perspective of the journalistic / editorial activity, the study will include:
- Collection of reference data on editorial structure, editorial policy, analysis of the distribution channels of information, geographical coverage, target audience, estimation of the audience within the limits of the existing data;
- An analysis of the internal and external challenges faced by the media organizations in the current editorial activity (eg professional quality of editors, editorial flow, lack of knowledge and skills etc.);
- An analysis of the priority needs in terms of knowledge and skills in order to improve the quality / diversity of the media products and to increase the audience in the medium and long term.

From the perspective of economic activity, the study will include:
- Collection of reference data on the form of ownership, management style, marketing and sales activities, sources of income and expenses;
- An analysis of the internal and external economic factors that hinder the economic development of the media organizations (the turnover of qualified personnel, the functioning of the advertising market, etc.);
- An analysis of the primary needs in terms of management, marketing knowledge and skills. 

In order to carry out the study, two experts will be hired, who must be familiar with the media sector in the Republic of Moldova. It is advisable for one of the experts to be familiar with the editorial activity of a media organization, and the other to have experience in business management, preferably in the media sector. At least one of the two experts must have sociological research experience. The contracts will be concluded with individuals.
Qualifications required:
At least two years of experience in the media sector and / or sociological research;
Media management knowledge;
Qualitative and quantitative research skills;
The ability to prepare analytical reports;
Knowledge of Romanian and Russian languages. 

Contract duration: November 1, 2019 – February 1, 2020.
Offers should include:
Description of the research methodology;
The number of needed working days to complete the study and the schedule of planned activities;
Budget - calculated based on the number of working days proposed in the offer and the rate per day expressed in Moldovan lei (including taxes);
CVs with details about relevant experience. 

The offers should be sent to: Deadline: November 4, 2019, 17.00. For further information: 022 234236.

The Center for Independent Journalism reserves the right to contact only the candidates selected for interviews.