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Promo-LEX Notifies: the Intimidation of Journalists Continues in the Transnistrian Region

15 November 2016
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Promo-LEX Association informed on Tuesday, 15th of November 2016, about several cases of intimidation of journalists in the Transnistrian region. The freelance journalist Natalia Scurtul was summoned to the militia directorate of Tiraspol for having expressed her personal views at a private TV station of the region. Another case - on the 12th of November, the militiamen

attempted to impede the distribution of "Chelovek i Ego Prava" newspaper by a young man from Bender. The incident was filmed by bystanders.

After the broadcast to which Natalia Scurtul participated as a guest, a group of citizens have seemingly filed a complaint to the police, showing their discontentment with the opinions expressed by her. "I consider that journalists as such are to inform the citizens ... Perhaps, it will be impossible to express one’s views in the region soon", the journalist stated for TSV station.

After the interrogation, the militiamen informed Natalia Scurtul that no investigation would be initiated, because she is not an employee of TSV station (Televidenie Svobodnovo Víbora), therefore she is not administratively answerable.

To be noted that the founders of TSV station are representatives of Sheriff Company, which finances the "Obnovlenie" party, considered to be in opposition to Yevgueny Shevchuk.