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The Press Council Examined Several Complaints Lodged by Citizens Against Media Institutions

07 September 2018
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At the meeting of the 7th of September, the members of the Press Council (PC) looked into three complaints and two notifications regarding the mass-media: a complaint of the administration of ‘Ciresarii’ summer camp for children against Vocea Basarabiei TV, a complaint lodged by Andrei Uzunov against ‘Svet’ newspaper and the journalist Anghelina Gaidarji, and a complaint lodged by Dumitru Minzarari against the website

The administration of ‘Ciresarii’ summer camp complained to the Press Council that Vocea Basarabiei TV broadcast video coverage about the summer camp, saying literally that it was ‘another camp in a negative context’. The ‘Ciresarii’ administration believes that their image was tainted as more parents showed up worried about the fact that there could be problems in the summer camp.
The PC members recommended Vocea Basarabiei TV to apologise to the administration of ‘Ciresarii’ summer camp and to correct the factual errors. PC members also reminded the editorial office that the pictures have to reflect reality accurately.

The case of Andrei Uzunov against ‘Svet’ newspaper and the journalist Anghelina Gaidarji is older, but the PC members agreed to examine it because the complaint was not only about one article, but about several. Uzunov said he had claimed his right to reply, which was not granted to him because he represents a political party that the journalist doesn’t side with. In this case, the PC members recommended the editorial staff to allow him to enjoy the right to reply, and to seek the opinion of all parties in a conflict about which they write and also to give the benefit of the doubt.

The complaint of Dumitru Minzarari against the website was also examined even though the website staff admitted to their fault before the meeting took place. On the 13th of August, a denigrative article about Dumitru Minzarari appeared on, signed by the reader Inga Gheorghe. The article was about a supposed sexual scandal in which Minzarari was allegedly involved. He reported the case to the Press Council and demanded the sanctioning of that media platform. The editorial staff has complied and publicly apologised to Mr Minzarari, and mentioned that the information shared by the reader was not true.
The PC members took note of these measures and recommended to check the content placed by third parties on their website more thoroughly.