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The Police Did Not Find That Marina Tauber Would Have Committed Any Violation When She Chased with a Broom Radio Orhei Journalists Away from a Demonstration Organised by Sor Supporters

06 September 2018
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The Orhei Police Inspectorate did not find any ‘constituent elements of crime or misdemeanor’ in the behaviour of Marina Tauber, Mayoress of Jora de Mijloc Township and Deputy Leader of ‘Sor’ Party, who did not let the Director of Radio Orhei, Tatiana Djamanov, exercise her journalist job during a demonstration.

The information letter sent to the Director of Radio Orhei, signed by Veaceslav Railean – Police Commissioner of No 1 Police Station, said that Tatiana Djamanov was ‘made uncomfortable by Marina Tauber becuase the latter behaved brutally and used offensive language’.

However, the same letter said that Marina Tauber had told the police that she hadn’t done anything denigratory and that she hadn’t used language that would have harmed the honour of the journalist.
In the conclusion, the police indicated that no constituent elements of crime or misdemeanor were found because the people participating in the demonstration ‘simply expressed their opinion’. For these reasons, the examination of the case did not go further.

In the complaint filed with the police on the 7th of August, Tatiana Djamanov demanded that Marina Tauber be held accountable for having denigrated Radio Orhei media institution that she is representing and for having restricted access to information during the demonstration of the 5th August in Orhei. The journalist also annexed, as evidence, two footages of the said incident which are proof of the fact that Tauber stepped in brutally and attacked the journalist using a broom and offensive language, while she was interviewing one of the participants in the protest.

As a reminder – the media organisations condemned ‘Sor’ party representatives’ aggressive behaviour and demanded that the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) and the Prosecutor’s Office investigate closely the case and take the required measures against those who have incited the people participating in the demonstration against the Radio Orhei journalist.