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Partly Satirical // 8 Politicians, ‘Champions’ in their Relation with the Media (Video)

03 June 2019
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The Press Freedom Days, celebrated in May, also reminded us of the media – politician relation. In the past 12 months, those who strived to win a seat in the new Parliament or represent the parties that entered the Parliament sprinkled this relation with sharp statements, verbal or even physical assaults. There were also funny situations, especially when they evaded answering reporters’ uncomfortable questions.
Media Azi selected a number of situations from May 2018 to May 2019, and gave to every politician part of this top a virtual ‘honorary’ title. We encourage them to treat them as partly satirical.

Ilan Sor, ‘The Great Inquisitor’

In 2018, Ilan Sor, Chair of ‘Sor’ Political Party, caused quite a stir by aggressively insulting the journalists. On 20 May 2018, when his party organised a protest, Ilan Sor pulled out his belt and threatened the journalists. ‘So, you, journalists paid to write bad things about people, I want to warn you that when I get to power, and that will be very soon, each of you will be subject to a tough lustration. Stop or it will be painful’, Ilan Sor threatened in a video published on Facebook.

În 2018, Ilan Șor, președintele Partidului politic Șor, s-a făcut remarcat și printr-un discurs agresiv împotriva jurnaliștilor. Pe 20 mai 2018, atunci când formațiunea sa a organizat o acțiune de protest, Ilan Șor și-a scos centura și a amenințat jurnaliștii. „Deci, jurnaliștilor plătiți, cei care vă permit să scrieți lucruri urâte despre oameni, vreau să vă avertizez, că atunci când voi ajunge la putere, și asta va fi foarte curând, pe fiecare din voi vă așteaptă o lustrație dură. Încetați sau va fi dureros”, a amenințat Ilan Șor, într-un video pe care l-a publicat pe Facebook.

Marina Tauber, the Best at ‘Sweeping’ the Journalists

Marina Tauber with a broom. Photo source: Radio Orhei

On 5 August 2018, the Deputy Chair of ‘Sor’ Political Party, Marina Tauber, then Mayor of Jora de Mijloc, verbally assaulted and prevented Radio Orhei journalists from covering a demonstration held that day in Orhei. Actually, the politician tried to chase them with a broom. ‘Please, hop it! We’ll sweep you, too. I want to sweep here a little, it’s messy after you’, Marina Tauber exclaimed and began to sweep lively around the journalist.

Andrian Candu, the Parliament’ Unaccomplished Reporter

Andrian Candu (on the right). Photo source: PRO TV.

The Ex-Speaker, democrat Andrian Candu, tried on 14 September 2018 to be a reporter too. The politician took the microphone of the Pro TV Chisinau team and started to ask the reporter a number of questions. Inter alia, he asked her about reporters’ salaries. Below, we reproduced the dialogue.
Natalia Ghetu, Pro TV reporter: ‘Would you like to work at Pro TV?’
Andrian Candu: ‘You tell me. The mandate expires, and after that... Why do you ask? Are you afraid I’m going to compete with you?’
Natalia Ghetu: ‘No. Our team is waiting for you.’
Andrian Candu: ‘What’s your salary? Let’s say, based on criteria? I have MDL 10,200.’
Natalia Gheţu: ‘I think we have a lot to work before we have a salary like yours.’

Vladimir Andronache, the Parliament’s Best Sprinter

PD MP Vladimir Andronachi has a more special relation with Ziarul de Garda reporters. The politician tries to get rid of the journalists’ uncomfortable questions, almost running away when seeing them. ‘Deary, mind your own business!’, he scoffed when reporter Marina Ciobanu tried to approach him on 21 October 2018, the day when PD held a general assembly of the party. Five months later, on 21 March 2019, he hurried along, quickly entering the Parliament building, after he saw that ZdG reporter tried again to ask him a few questions about his MP activity.

Oleg Savva, Wisdom’s Cursed Spring

Oleg Savva (on the right). Photo source: Facebook

Unhappy with being the target of an article published on portal, on 12 December 2018, PSRM MP Oleg Savva verbally assaulted the author of this article. The MP called her ‘liar’, ‘scum’ and ‘illiterate girlie’. Savva also threatened the journalist with a trial and a physical violence. ‘We also can beat! Let them know that any ‘attack’ against the Socialists wouldn’t go unanswered’, the MP wrote on his Facebook page.   

Serghei Buzurnii, Formula 1 Pilot who Always Lags Behind

Serghei Buzurnii. Photo source: BTV

On 15 February 2019, before parliamentary elections, a cameraman of BTV, a private TV broadcast in Balti, claimed that a car that would belong to Mayor of Sadovoe village, Sergei Buzurnii, candidate on PD lists, hit him from behind. The incident occurred while the cameraman filmed the entrance to Sodovoe Mayoralty. The Mayor denied the allegations.

Ghenadie Ioxa, Mayor-‘Criminologist’

Ghenadie Ioxa. Photo source:

On 13 May 2019, Ghenadie Ioxa, Mayor of Drepcauti village, Briceni district, verbally assaulted portal team that documented a subject that targeted the Mayor. ‘I’m sick of you. Once, a journalist of yours called Vladimir Gheorghevici Plahotniuc, Chair of the Democratic Party. He said he wasn’t obliged to give interviews for the bandits’ television. I support these words. And PD Chair correctly said – you are the bandits’ television’, Ghenadie Ioxa reproached journalists.

Andrei Nastase, the Politician with the ‘Label Marker’

Andrei Nastase. Photo source:

After he got on the ‘Press Enemies’ panel, MP Andrei Nastase, PPDA Chair, continued the polemics about the TV stations affiliated to PD leader, Vlad Plahotniuc.
‘It happened that one day I became a public enemy, a media’s enemy for opposing a non-ethical attitude of a journalist from Prime TV station. In fact, when it comes of Prime, it goes hand in hand with Canal 2, Canal 3 and Publika WC’, said Andrei Nastase on 14 May 2019. Later, Publika TV declared him an enemy of the TV station until he apologises.