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The Parliament admitted three civil society candidates to the competition for membership in the Broadcasting Council

06 October 2021
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Victoria Stețcaia, Eugeniu Rîbca, and Ion Terguță are the candidates proposed by civil society organizations for the position of member of the Broadcasting Council (BC), who will compete for two vacancies. They were admitted to the interview test by Parliament’s Commission for Culture, Education, Research, Youth, Sport, and the Media at its meeting on October 6.

Victoria Stețcaia is currently the head of the Radio Monitoring Department at the Broadcasting Council, Eugeniu Rîbca is the head of the Independent Press Association, and Ion Terguță is a journalist, but has been the general secretary of the Dignity and Truth Platform Party until July 2021.

At the meeting, the members of the above-mentioned specialized commission examined the admissibility of the proposed candidates. The three candidates are to have an interview test on October 12. According to the competition rules, all of the candidates’ interviews will be recorded, and the video recordings will be published after the test.

In the end, the Commission will present to the plenum of the Parliament a draft decision nominating the candidates that obtained the highest score.

Candidates for membership in the Broadcasting Council must meet several conditions. One of them is to have a licentiate degree and at least five years of experience in broadcasting, journalism and communication, law, film, culture, information technology, or advertising. In addition, a candidate cannot be member of a political party and cannot have direct or indirect interest, including financial interest, in the companies providing or distributing media services, electronic communication companies, or advertising companies.

In total, the Broadcasting Council is made of nine members – two proposed by the Parliament, one by the Government and the Moldovan president each, and five members proposed by civil society organizations. Two of these five positions are currently vacant.