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The OSCE Urged Moldovan Authorities to Grant Foreign Journalists Free Access Across the Country

15 March 2019
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After two Greek investigation journalists were apprehended at the Chisinau Airport by the border police, the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Harlem Desir, urged Moldovan Authorities to make it easier for foreign journalists to travel.
‘I call again on Moldovan authorities to make it easier for foreign journalists to travel from one OSCE country to another,’ wrote Harlem Desir on Twitter.

The call of the OSCE representative appeared after the local press announced that Aggelos Provolisianos and Triantis Vangelis, two journalists from Greece, were held by the Border Police at the Chisinau Airport for 30-40 minutes on 13 March. Subsequently, they were given access after the Greek Ambassador in Moldova intervened. wrote regarding the statements made by the Greek journalists that the police officers didn’t allow them to enter the country because they had no accreditation.
The representatives of the the Border Police at Chisinau Airport declared for the same portal that the Greek journalists were asked to answer more questions during a  routine check.