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Online Workshop: False news on social networks. How does it work and how do we combat it?

25 November 2019
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False news go viral on social media, and many users of these platforms fall for the purposely spread misinformation. How does this phenomenon work on Facebook, Odnoklassniki or Twitter? How do we combat it?

Nicolae Tibrigan, PhD in Sociology and researcher at ‘Ion I. C. Bratianu’ Institute of Political Sciences and International Relations of the Romanian Academy, offers definitions, explanations and case studies in a new online workshop, launched by the Independent Journalism Center.

In the same online workshop, structured in five parts, you will also find a list of digital tools that can be used to identify fake news promoted on social networks.


Holding this online workshop was possible thanks to the generous support of the American and British people via the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and UK Aid. The content of this material is the responsibility of the Independent Journalism Center and does not necessarily reflect the views of UK Aid, USAID or of the US Government.