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One Member Less at the Broadcasting Council: Olga Gututui Resigned over Claims That the BC Decisions Are Made ‘Outside Its Walls’

15 November 2019
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Olga Gututui announced on a social network today, the 15th of November that she quit being a member of the Broadcasting Council (BC) because her vote didn’t seem to be enough to change things in the audiovisual area, and that the Council changed conduct conditional on the important media groups controlled by politicians. This was the third resignation from office at the BC over the last three months.

Olga Gututui wrote that four and a half years have passed since she was appointed member of the BC and that she joined the BC because she wanted to contribute to raising an audiovisual environment that is free, quality and in the service of citizens, but that along the way she grew disappointed with what was going on at the BC. She added that one single vote is not enough because decisions are taken by majority vote. ‘What is more, it looks like the decisions are being made beyond the walls of the regulatory authority. There is no other way to explain why the Council, as guarantor of public interest in the audiovisual area, has turned into a guarantor of political interests. The Council turned from an autonomous independent public authority into an entity putting on hats of different colours depending on the sizes of media groups controlled by politicians. One can deduce it considering the decisions, attitudes and approaches of the regulatory authority’, Olga Gututui wrote.

She announced that the 15th of November was her last day at the Council and that she still believed that ‘the mass-media must be independent, work in conditions of fair competition, and inform the citizens in an accurate and equidistant fashion.’

Media researcher Victor Gotisan told that recently the BC moved from a ‘democratic grip’ to a ‘socialist grip’ and that it’s what one calls the phenomenon of ‘political reconfiguration in the media’.

This is the third member resigning from the BC. Note that the former BC member Veronica Cojocaru resigned on 15 October, because, in her opinion, the Chair managed the Council poorly. Dorina Curnic resigned in September, making the statement that she was not able to do her work at the BC in line with her own beliefs.