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NTV and Rossiya 1 Journalists, Sent Back to Moscow from Chisinau Airport Because ‘They Could not Justify the Purpose of the Visit’

20 February 2019
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A group of journalists from Russian Federation, representing NTV and Rossiya 1 TV channels, were sent back home from the Chisinau Airport. According to the Border Police, they did not meet the conditions for authorisation of the state border crossing. The Presidency Press Service informed that Russian journalists were to meet with President Igor Dodon to conduct an interview.

Border Police claimed that journalists could not explain the purpose of the visit to Moldova. Press officer of the institution Raisa Novitchi, told that they said they wanted to interview President Igor Dodon, but they did not have the necessary documents to justify their visit. Novitchi noted that two NTV journalists were sent back to Moscow on 18 February, and other three Rossiya-1 journalists were denied the access in country on 19 February.

Contacted by, senior consultant of Presidency Press Service Carmena Lupei, told us that journalists did not have an official invitation from President Igor Dodon, but they agreed that he would give them an interview. Carmena Lupei also could not tell us the names of journalists who were to interview Igor Dodon.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs could not timely inform us if the Russian journalists were accredited for this visit to Moldova, asking us to send them a written request.

Last year, other journalists from Russian Federation - from NTV, REN TV, LifeNews - were not allowed to enter the country because they could not justify the purpose of the visit. Media NGOs reacted by many statements in which they reminded that unfounded traffic constraints contradicted the national legislation and relevant international conventions, and asked the Ministry of Internal Affairs to investigate these cases.