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No Penalty for PRIME TV for Having ‘Severely’ Violated Child Rights in ‘Vorbeste Moldova’ Talk Show

18 December 2018
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The Broadcasting Coordination Council (BCC) took note on the 18th of December of the complaint filed by the National Centre for Child Abuse Prevention (NCCAP ) in which it highlighted severe child rights violations in ‘Vorbeste Moldova’ talk show, aired on PRIME TV.  
NCCAP meant the ‘Who got Mariana pregnant?’ matter and drew attention to the fact that the information shared at the talk show could cause revictimisation of the minor concerned. In addition, her parents were introduced, making it easier to identify who the minor actually is. NCCAP also believes that the title of that particular show gives you a feeling of labelling. The conclusion drawn by the authors was that: ‘The language used at the show is morally damaging for the minor’.

NCCAP demanded that PRIME TV erase that show off YouTube and off other places it is kept on, and that it be warned or penalised for having violated the principles of how underage victims are to be portrayed and for having violated the personal data protection legislation.
In its turn, the PRIME TV administration explained that child protection measures have been taken – pictures with the minor were blurred in the show, the real name of the victim was not used, and a psychologist was invited on set.

Having conducted its own monitoring of the matter, the BCC also established that PRIME TV did not violate the broadcasting law in force.
Most BCC members said that PRIME TV had largely complied with the child protection rules in the said show.
BCC member – Olga Gututui – mentioned though that besides the legal rules, there are also the moral ones and that all media institutions should go more carefully around this sort of information.
At its meeting, the BCC took note of the NCCAP complaint, but it did not believe it necessary to apply certain penalties against PRIME TV.