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A New TV Broadcaster – TV Look – Obtained Broadcast License and Promises to Broadcast Mainly Positive News

01 August 2019
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A new TV broadcaster could appear on the media market – TV Look. The members of the Broadcasting Council (BC) approved on Thursday, 1 August, by five votes in favour and three votes against, the application for broadcast license for this media service provider, which belongs to the company Media Production TV.

Ella Gritenco, the founder and administrator of this broadcaster, told that TV Look intends to broadcast mainly positive news. ‘The idea to launch this TV channel occurred to me a longer while ago. It was especially determined by the fact that what you see today on TV is putting some stress on you because of all that negative energy. So I though that maybe we could broadcast something jollier. When I had my baby, I gave this idea even more thought.’
According to her, it will not be all entertainment, but the tone will be a positive one. ‘I believe you need to be neutral, and then the information will be objective as well.’ said Ella Gritenco. She also said that the editorial policy will be equidstant.

TV Look will have a generalist format, 56% of its content will consist of local audiovisual programs, 51% – European audiovisual works and 11% – rebroadcast programs taken or purchased from abroad (movies from the Russian Federation). It will broadcast informative and analytical programs (34%), educational programs (14%), movies (40%) and other types of programs.

The founder of TV Look said she would hire around 20 people, and that they will go on air sometime within the next six months.
The company Media Production TV was registered on 20 June this year. Ella Gritenco specified that the money for the channel comes from an inheritance and from what she saved working abroad, and that she intends to recover her expenses in about four years.
She is educated in administrative management, political sciences and English language. Previously, she worked as a freelancer on the Internet.