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A new television station founded by people affiliated with the Party of Socialists. The TV9 representative: People are tired of politics

28 October 2021
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TV9, a new entertainment television, is to appear on TV screens in Moldova. The Broadcasting Council (BC) granted a broadcasting license to Media Platform, the company owning the future station, for a term of 9 years.

“Good morning, dear colleagues,” the station’s representative said at the beginning of his speech before the BC members at the meeting on October 28. “Please, introduce yourself, you are not our colleague,” the BC chair Ala Ursu-Antoci replied.

The television’s representative, journalist Dumitru Buimistru from Exclusiv TV (TNT) station, said that the new television will have an “entertaining” content and will provide the necessary amount of domestic production. “I have been creating entertainment television shows for over 10 years. That is, I have a lot of experience, given that I am doing it in Moldova, where this media market is not so developed as in other countries, such as Ukraine, Russia, or the US,” he said.

The journalist explained that his team would focus on creating entertaining content “because this is the content the televisions in our country are lacking, as they mostly provide information or analysis, which is difficult to make impartially.” “As for the entertaining content, it is easier to make, and people are tired of politics,” he added.


The BC member Larisa Manole asked about the format of the show that will present news with comments by hosts. The journalist said that the host will comment in a humorous manner on some events selected by the editorial office. “It will not be serious news, saying that authorities did this or that. It is a humorous show,” Buimistru explained, as he also presented himself as the editor-in-chief of the television station.

Larisa Manole also asked about another planned show, Pamflet, which will present “satirical imitations of people.” The TV9 representative said that the author of the show will parody politicians and artists. “Different politicians, or just some of them?” Manole asked. “Of course, different,” Buimistru answered.

He could not answer the questions about the project feasibility, saying that this issue is the task of the administrator, Svetlana Caraseni.

The BC members voted unanimously for granting the license to TV9 television station.

The company Media Platform was founded on April 23, 2021 by Svetlana Caraseni. She is also the administrator of Exclusiv Sales House, founded by P.P. Exclusiv Media, which belongs to the socialist MP Corneliu Furculiță. The latter owns the television stations NTV Moldova and Exclusiv TV (which rebroadcasts the content of the Russian station TNT).

Svetlana Caraseni also appears as the administrator of the company Alkasar Media Services. According to, it is owned by the former liberal-democratic MP Chiril Lucinschi (50%) and Berloman Limited (50%) from Cyprus. Chiril Lucinschi told that he has no connection with the new project on the media market.

Previously, wrote that Dumitru Buimistru donated 9,800 MDL to socialists during the campaign for the referendum on dismissing the former Chisinau mayor  Dorin Chirtoacă. Buimistru is also known for his parodies of Dorin Chirtoacă in a television project.