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A New Scandal at BC: Two Members of the Council Left the Meeting After Being Fined MDL 1,000 ‘for Unmotivated Absences’

06 November 2019
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Olga Gututui and Corneliu Mihalache, members of the Broadcasting Council (BC), left the BC meeting of 6 November, as a protest against the actions of the Chair Dragos Vicol, who fined them MDL 1,000 for absences at two BC meetings, which were not deliberative, due to the lack of quorum.

Both BC members described Dragos Vicol’s decision as abusive and intimidating.

‘I regret that BC degrades like that and, in fact, its Chair finds different methods to intimidate and pressure those members who have a different view and who always have something else to say to the public through a negative or positive vote, depending on the situation’, said Olga Gututui, before leaving the room.


In his turn, Corneliu Mihalache was startled by the Chair’s order: ‘As far as I remember, the law states that all BC members have equal rights – we are not your or BC employees. We are public dignitaries, employed by the Parliament. Hence, I wanted to ask you on what grounds did you fine us?’

Corneliu Mihalache asked the Council members to include on the meeting’s agenda the dismissal of BC Chair, Dragos Vicol, and the launching of the contest for the election of a new Chair and Deputy Chair of the Council. His proposal was subject to vote and gathered three votes in favour and three against. After this, Mihalache also left the room.

Dragos Vicol continued the meeting, mentioning that it was deliberative, as the two members were present at the beginning. As regards the declarations of Mihalache and Gututui, the BC Chair argued that he issued the order to deduct MDL 1,000 from their salaries on the ground of ‘unmotivated absences at some meetings’. ‘I wonder how do we enforce the provision of Audiovisual Media Services Code that expressly states – a BC member shall have a normal work regime, regardless if she/he is a public dignitary’, stressed Dragos Vicol.

Note that the former BC member Veronica Cojocaru resigned on 15 October, because, according to her, the Chair would poorly manage the Council’s work. Previously, the BC member Dorina Curnic resigned from the position of member of the Broadcasting Council, because she could not work in accordance with her personal beliefs.