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New production: The IJC launches cuMINTE, the only media literacy podcast in Moldova

15 September 2020
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On Tuesday, September 15, the Independent Journalism Center (IJC) launches the first media literacy podcast in Moldova – Podcast cuMinte. Starting with the first episode, which explains how disinformation is done during the pandemic, cuMINTE will help its listeners filter the information they read in print media, hear on the radio, see on television, or get from social networks.

The cuMINTE podcast aims to guide the public in everything that means disinformation, manipulation, and fake news. In every edition, journalists, researchers, and media experts will analyze and explain how facts are interpreted, why a certain statement might not be the ultimate truth, why media and information literacy is crucial, and how not to be manipulated in the avalanche of information we have today.

The cuMINTE podcast will appear twice a month in Romanian language, and several episodes will also be available in Russian. The IJC Director for Strategic Development Ina Grejdeanu notes that the IJC has been promoting media education and critical thinking via various initiatives for several years now: “We aim it to be a useful media product that encourages people to ask questions when they read something, to be perhaps more skeptical (why not?) about everything the media offer daily, and, thus, to seek information from several sources. In this sense, I hope that cuMINTE will be of great help to them.”

The host of the podcast, journalist Ana Sarbu, says that people, unfortunately, are not aware of how much fake or misinforming news can affect their lives: “I will try, together with the team, to explain how clickbait sites work, to help people avoid dubious portals and recognize them instantly. I wish for our podcast listeners to become more careful when they read, listen to, or watch news.”

The cuMINTE podcast will soon be available directly from your mobile phones via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify.


The cuMINTE podcast is produced by the Independent Journalism Center with the support of the Embassy of Finland in Bucharest, as part of the project “Media literacy innovative tools for media savvy citizens”.


You can listen to the podcast here: Play in new window | Download