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Moldova 1 is asking for 900 euros per one minute of electoral advertising. Member of Parliament: The tariff is astronomical

10 September 2020
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The public television Moldova 1 is asking for 900 euros per one minute of electoral advertising in this autumn’s campaign, according to the information published by the Central Electoral Commission (CEC). The data show that the public provider is second in the list of bidders, being surpassed only by Prime TV, which demands 3,000 euros per advertising minute. This is despite Moldova 1 not being one of the top TV channels according to the share of audience. This topic was addressed at the meeting of the Parliamentary Commission on Public Finance Control.

The MP Radu Marian said at the September 8 meeting of the parliamentary commission that the prices displayed by the public broadcaster in this electoral campaign are higher than those demanded by some televisions in the United Kingdom.


“In the UK, the cost of one minute of electoral advertising on a fairly popular channel – ITV, for example – is 500 pounds. There are a few more channels where the cost is 400-300 pounds. Do you think that this astronomical tariff is justified in Moldova?” the MP asked.

The general director of the public broadcasting company TRM Olga Bordeianu noted that the price was set based on calculations that take into account the rating of the station and the territorial coverage. “I think the 900 euro tariff is absolutely ok. (...) Moldova 1 is a national station with the largest coverage in Moldova – both terrestrial and in the multiplex. We have expenses for Radiocomunicatii [state-owned company]. Respectively, the tariff for one minute of advertising was also calculated based on the Moldova 1 share of audience and coverage,” Bordeianu explained.

Radu Marian suggested drafting a law that would limit the tariffs for electoral advertising, “because I find it absolutely ridiculous to have such a tariff for electoral advertising in Moldova.”
“We set these tariffs at the end of last year, when we planned the activity for 2020. The law does not allow us to limit the tariffs six months before the elections, whatever they may be. That’s why the 900 euro tariff remained. We can no longer intervene to change it,” Olga Bordeianu replied.


The latest data of the TV audience measurement TV MR MLD show that Moldova 1 ranked only fifth in the top of viewers’ preferences in July, the first positions being occupied by RTR Moldova, NTV Moldova, Primul în Moldova, and Prime. In fact, in the presidential election campaign, Prime TV is asking for 3.000 euros per minute, and Primul în Moldova and NTV Moldova – 500 euros per minute each. RTR Moldova has not yet published its offer on the CEC website.

The issue of the legality of the public broadcaster obtaining income from electoral advertising has been raised repeatedly. According to the Code of Audiovisual Media Services, the public television may have income from advertising broadcast during major events, the list of which is prepared by the Broadcasting Council: Olympic Games, international music competitions, Independence Day of the Republic of Moldova, National Wine Day, and competitions organized at national level under the auspices of the Moldovan Football Federation.

Olga Bordeianu claims that they will broadcast electoral advertising only if the CEC and the Broadcasting Council allow it. In her opinion, in addition to the Code of Audiovisual Media Services, the broadcasting of advertising on the public television station is also allowed under the Law on Advertising, as well as other standards in the electoral field.

Earlier, Socialist MP Adela Raileanu proposed an amendment to the Electoral Code that would legalize the income obtained by public television during electoral campaigns

Foto: Ciofilm / Moldova 1