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Media NGOs Condemn the Intimidation of Albasat TV Team by the Management of Apa-Canal Nisporeni

13 February 2020
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Media NGOs express their concern and condemn the threat, harassment and intimidation of Albasat TV team, namely of the journalist Eugenia Sirbu, by the Chair of SA Apa-Canal Nisporeni, Ion Gangan, and by the lawyer of the institution Ion Arseni.

According to the journalist, after a report was broadcast on 24 January about the rise of tariffs for water and sewerage in Nisporeni, she was called by Ion Gangan who expressed his dissatisfaction with the way she wrote the material. Moreover, the reporter claims that Ion Gangan called her mother-in-law and expressed his dissatisfaction.

Albast TV team claims that later, on 27 January, Ion Arseni, the lawyer of the institution came to the television headquarters and threatened the team with a possible lawsuit. Both Ion Gangan and Ion Arseni deny the allegations. Meanwhile, they complained to the Broadcasting Council, requesting public apologies and the refute of ‘erroneous and defamatory information about the service provider’.  

Note that the use threats and intimidations is not a way to solve the dissatisfactions with the journalistic activity.

The Press Law entitles the journalists to obtain and broadcast information, and Article 4 of the Law on Freedom of Expression provides that the media has the duty to inform on matters of public interest and perform journalistic investigations of such matters in accordance with its responsibilities.

In this context, we call on all institution managers and employees to adopt an appropriate behavior in relation to journalists acting in their professional field and serving the public interest.

If anyone does not agree with a journalist’s working methods or materials can contact the Press Council of the Republic of Moldova, that is to examine the complaint and give an assessment to the journalist’s professional behavior and/or work quality.
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Association of Independent Press
Association of Electronic Press
Center for Investigative Journalism
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