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Media Azi: (Un)Seen Traps for the Audiovisual Media Services Code. Authorities’ Suggestions and Experts’ Solutions

20 August 2019
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On Wednesday, 21 August, the 2019-2020 Government’s Action Plan could be approved by the Government. Several mass-media law amendments were put forward in this document. The new government announced, for example, its intention to make amendments to the Audiovisual Media Services Code approved last year. Why are the authorities hurrying to amend a document that became effective recently and why are several of the proposed amendments dangerous? Find out the answers to these questions in a new Media Azi show, the guest of which is Ion Bunduchi – Executive Director of the Electronic Press Association and one of the experts that participated in the development of the Code.

The show can be viewed on and portals and on the IJC’s Youtube channel.
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