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Media Azi: Moldovan Press Status – Where Were We and Where Are We Now

25 April 2019
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In 2018, Moldovan media worked and developed in critical conditions, as the shown by the 2018 Moldovan Press Status Index developed by the Independent Journalism Center. Of the seven indicators assessing the status of Moldovan media, one denotes an extremely critical situation, three – a critical situation and another three – a situation marked by serious problems. The overall value of the Index is roughly the same as in 2017, but below the 2016 value.

So why have journalists’ security or the economic context of the mass-media declined over the last two years? Learn the answer to this question from the new Media Azi episode, which renewed its format. The researcher Aneta Gonta, one of the new hosts of the show, who studied the Moldovan Press Status Index also explains in what areas there were improvements as they developed from extremely critical to critical.