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Media Azi: Journalists’ Access to the Databases – Between Public Interest and High Fees

16 September 2019
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The registers with information on companies or real estate are key tools for journalists, when they want to document their material, especially in cases of corruption. However, the access to such data is impossible without paying certain state fees, which can increase the costs of an investigation up to thousands MDL. Until recently, the officials explained that the fees are needed to maintain the databases. In their turn, certain journalists consider such arguments unfounded and see a way to hamper their access to the information by providing information of public interest against a fee.

Recently, the Government recommended to exclude the fees for accessing information of public interest. The legislative initiative was to be submitted to the Parliament by the end of September. Journalist Victoria Dodon discussed about this topic during the Media Azi show with investigation journalists, media experts and civil servants.


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