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Media Azi: The Future Belongs to Video Formats and Charismatic Opinion Leaders

05 November 2018
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What trends one can see on the current domestic and international media market? In what direction may this market develop over the next 10 years? And, in the same train of thoughts, what will happen to traditional media, whose readership moved to the online space, especially on the social networks?
Journalist Ivan Sveatcenko discusses these issues during the Media Azi show with his interlocutor, Pavel Zingan, author of the ‘Mister One’ Project.
Watch the talk show to find out why businessmen are not interested in investing in the media currently and how things may change in the future.
Also, find out what video formats attract citizens more, and how you can generate hundreds of thousands of views online. And, last but not least, find out what forecasts the guest of the show has for radio or TV stations that will not have charismatic employees, capable to maintain them a large audience.

The show can be viewed on, and portals and on the IJC’s Youtube channel.
Media Azi show is produced under the MEDIA-M project, implemented by Internews with the financial support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).
The content of this edition is the responsibility of the Independent Journalism Center and does not necessarily reflect the views of USAID or of the US Government.