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Media Azi Cartoon: Events in Belarus and Parallel Realities on TV

12 August 2020
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Foreign Affairs: Alexander Lukashenko has won the election for President of the Republic of Belarus by a substantial margin, enjoying the support of more than 80% of the population. Igor Dodon sent congratulations to his counterpart on the occasion of the victory in the election.

This is how television stations affiliated with the Socialists and the head of state covered the latest events in Belarus, where, in fact, citizens took to the streets to challenge the election results. Soon, the protests degenerated into violent actions of law enforcement. The police used rubber bullets, tear gas, and water cannons against protesters. Thousands of people were detained and others were injured.

Some television stations, affiliated to the Party of Socialists, did not pay attention to these “details.” Now, in the Republic of Moldova the presidential election is getting closer, too…