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Lithuanian Journalists to Present in Chisinau a Photo Exhibition on the Russian Refugees from this Country

11 March 2019
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The Nanook journalists’ organisation from Lithuania will present the ‘While The Red Is On’ Photo Exhibition on Tuesday, 12 March, at the American House in Chisinau. It is a photographic documentary devoted to Russian refugees who settled in Lithuania because of the repression they had been subjected to in their own country. At the opening of the event, the Nanook founders Arturas Morozovas and Berta Tilmantaite will come up with more information on the project activity.

According to the website, the Russian political refugee community in Lithuania is growing. The Nanook ‘While The Red Is On’ Project presents the stories of some of them, simple people, who love their country, but being in disfavor under the Kremlin regime, have been forced to leave Russia and settle in Lithuania. The photos narrate the story of political dissidents, human rights and environmental advocates, independent journalists, representatives of the LGBT community or other communities that were subjected to persecution and repression under the regime for political and ideological reasons.

Nanook is a multimedia production studio focusing on storytelling and exploring social, environmental, cultural and other issues. The organization includes journalists, web developers, graphic designers, musicians and sound directors who work together to relate stories in a most appealing way. Their works have been published by ‘National Geographic’, ‘The New York Times’, ‘The Guardian’, ‘Der Spiegel’, etc.
The event is organized with the support of the Embassy of Lithuania in Chisinau and will start at 2.00 p.m.