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Jurnal TV Compelled to Vacate the Premises within 35 Days

13 January 2017
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The decision of “Capital Estate" LLC to cancel the lease contract with Jurnal Trust Media is largely discussed both in the mass-media, and on the social networks.
Jurnal Trust Media issued on Thursday a press statement to announce that, starting with Monday, 16th of January 2017, 00:00, Jurnal TV will have a new broadcasting grid, pursuing the broadcasting of only a few original products, because the owner of the building in which the TV channel rented premises for nearly seven years forced it to vacate the premises within 35 days.
“The ones who are able to figure out how a TV channel works, know that it is impossible to meet such a tight deadline. (...) We consider that, under the current conditions, the conduct of the normal Trust’s activities is impossible and inappropriate. Having a choice between the definitive cessation of Jurnal TV and finding a way to continue being with our viewers, we opted for a new formula – a resistance TV to oppose the anti-popular regime”.
On the other hand, the International Business Centre SKYTOWER issued a press-release stating that the decision to cancel the lease contract was made “in strict compliance with the contractual and legal provisions, after many negotiations and attempts of amicable recovery of the debt for renting”.
Andrian Gîțu, Director General of Jurnal Trust Media, rejects the allegations made in the press-release of the International Business Centre SKYTOWER. In a telephone intervention on Thursday, 12th of January, to the show “The Shadow Cabinet”, Gîțu pointed out that, on 1st of January 2017, the Trust had no debts to “Capital Estate” LLC. The media trust had not paid, by that date, only for the rent for January 2017.
In this context, Andrian Gîțu wondered why “Capital Estate” LLC decided to terminate the contract now, despite the fact that in June 2016 the lease contract was extended for a three-year period. “In the past, rental arrears had occurred, but the question is: Why now?”. According to Gîțu, if the arrears were the reason for the cancellation, “Capital Estate” LLC would have not extended the lease contract with Jurnal TV Trust at the beginning of June 2016”.
Representatives of the media, civil society activists and ordinary media consumers have expressed their concern about the situation of Jurnal TV Trust.
Valentina Ursu, journalist at “Radio Free Europe”, wrote on a social network: “An alternative channel, critical of the government, must continue working to make it more difficult to have a “controlled opinion”.  Dear colleagues from, be brave and hold up!”.
Dumitru Ciorici, co-founder, stated: “What is happening to Jurnal TV station is abominable. If the situation is as described by this TV channel, then this is the beginning of the end of the freedom of expression, what is blameworthy and dangerous. Jurnal TV is a necessary TV station, as other colleagues from the media stated. One thing is however unclear in this situation and I think it needs to be soon clarified: Neither party submitted evidence. To make things clear, both parties should publish arguments / documents: Skytower has to present documents confirming the debts of Jurnal TV and the TV station – the proof of payment for all services”.

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