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Journalists Attending Parliament Meetings Would Put Some Pressure on Some MPs

27 February 2015
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The prohibition of the media access to the meeting hall of Parliament is a clear limitation of access to information and violates a number of legal provisions Despite the numerous discussions of the matter and promises to deal with this issue, nothing has happened so far.

In my opinion, it is not a matter of impossibility (for lack of room or any similar reasons), but lack of good will. I do not want to believe that lack of room for journalists was a well thought move during renovation, when they should have thought of including seats for the journalists, in the same way as they thought about seats for all MPs, guests, advisors, assistants etc.

When the media attends the meetings in Parliament it does not disturb the work of the MPs in any way, as they claim, but rather puts a bit of pressure on some MPs who spend their time playing games online, talking to each other or even sleeping (yes, there have been such cases).


NOTE: The Independent Journalism Center (IJC) holds awareness raising events under the slogan ‘We Want Access into Parliament!’ on all days when Parliament holds plenary meetings. The Campaign aims to ensure free access of the media to Parliament meetings, so that the media can freely perform their duties.


The We Want into Parliament! campaign is conducted within the Advocacy Campaigns Aimed at Improving Transparency of Media Ownership, Access to Information and promotion of EU values and integration project, implemented by the IJC, which is, in its turn, part of the Moldova Partnerships for Sustainable Civil Society project, implemented by FHI 360.