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Journalist Elena Lewicka-Pahomova Obtains a Broadcasting License for a New TV Channel

23 September 2021
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NTV journalist Elena Lewicka-Pahomova intends to launch 3.14 TV, a new TV channel. The Broadcasting Council (BC) has granted her a broadcasting license for nine years at the meeting held on September 23. The channels programs will be broadcast via the service distributors’ networks in the news format.

3.14 TV belongs to Constanta Media, the company registered on August 2, 2021. Elena Lewicka-Pahomova is the company’s director. She is also the president of the Media Content Public Association, the founder of Constanta Media. Media Content Public Association was registered a month earlier, on July 8. During the Council’s meeting, the journalist mentioned that the channel’s founders were “media professionals with 10-20 years of experience.” “Why is our channel called 3.14 TV? Because this is a math constant. We would like to have some stability in our market...” she added.

Pahomova specified that the newsroom would have a “different approach” and deal with issues for discussion more profoundly: “We would like to bring other people, professionals and experts in various fields such as economics, political science, or culture.” The journalist stated that the media service provider would have 80% local product in the Romanian language and “almost all” the shows would be authorial programs.

“I support this project because in her speech, Ms. Pahomov has spoken about the Romanian language and says all the broadcasts will be in Romanian, which is also confirmed by the documents presented for issuing this broadcasting license,” Lidia Viziru, the BC member, expressed her opinion. Her colleagues unanimously supported her.

Currently, Elena Pahomova is the host of “The Mechanism of Action” (“Механизм Действия”), a show on NTV, a TV channel owned by Corneliu Furculita, a Socialist deputy.

Elena Pahomova previously worked at ORT Moldova, TV7, and NIT, and was a show host on Publika TV. She held management positions at the Pervii Pridnestrovskii TV channel in Tiraspol. She also was a general producer at the RTR-Moldova channel. In addition, she also headed the media commission of the Civil Society Council of the President of the Republic of Moldova when Igor Dodon was the head of the state.