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Journalism professors of Moldova trained to promote gender equality in media

27 February 2014
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Four teams of university professors from Moldova developed curricula on the subject of Approach to Gender in Media. These curricula cover the notions related to gender, strategies of balanced media coverage of gender, and the paradigm of gender equality.

Study programs (university courses and short-term programs) were presented and analyzed by participants together with expert Daniela Terzi-Barbarosie during the second workshop on development of the curriculum for Approach to Gender in Media, organized by the Independent Journalism Center (IJC) on 20 and 21 February 2014. The beneficiaries of this program are professors of journalism from the Moldova State University, the International University ULIM, the Slavic University, the Balti State University, and the University of European Studies.

In terms of usability of these university programs, Lilia Raciula and Diana Vrabie, professors of journalism at the Balti State University, mentioned that they introduced this course into the category of optionals, and students will have the opportunity to learn notions related to gender, gender identity, the principle of meritocracy, equality and equity.

Also, “it is important that students of journalism correctly perceive such notions as “sex” and “gender” so as to become used to working with statistical and other studies in this field,” Daniela Terzi-Barbarosie said.

During discussions with participants, the executive director of the Women’s Political Club 50/50, Ecaterina Mardarovici, welcomed the idea of the IJC to develop university programs on this subject, saying that change should come from those who educate future journalists and encourage them to promote positive norms and models through media. Eventually, such efforts should contribute to equal representation of men and women in all economic, political, and social processes.

The workshop continued with a presentation facilitated by Petru Macovei, the executive director of the Association of Independent Press, who underlined the need to observe the gender principle in journalistic materials. He stressed that the media should ensure qualitative gender representation by quoting and presenting both men and women from various areas. “Thus, these practical instruments combined with university programs on Approach to Gender in Media, which will prepare future journalists, will certainly be productive,” Petru Macovei concluded.

The workshop was part of “Changing the perception of women in Moldovan society through media” a project implemented by the IJC between September 2013 and September 2014 with the financial support of the Netherlands Embassy  through the MATRA Program.