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The IJC Launched an Interactive Game, “MediaErudit”

06 March 2017
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Did you ever wonder what it feels like to be in the shoes of a television producer? What about the shoes of a radio reporter? What do you think a newspaper’s editor-in-chief does the entire day long? Now, you have an opportunity to try all these jobs first hand!

The Independent Journalism Centre launched on Friday, March 3, an interactive game named “MediaErudit” addressed to media consumers throughout the country.

The game contains nine steps/topics. The opening levels will test the participants’ general knowledge of the media and of the history of the press, and then, moving on, they will be able to create a TV show, a radio report, or a multimedia material.

The “MediaErudit” game can be accessed on “Mediacritica”, the portal launched by the IJC a year ago with the purpose to develop critical thinking and fight falsehood in the media. The game is of instructive nature and helps media consumers to learn more, in an interactive manner, about the media and how it functions.
This game was developed by the Independent Journalism Center within the media campaign against false and tendentious information “STOP FALS!”, implemented by the Association of Independent Press (AIP), Independent Journalism Center (IJC) and VIP Association of Independent TV Journalists of Moldova (AITVJ).