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IJC Campaign: “Media for gender balance!”

05 April 2017
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The Independent Journalism Center (IJC) launches a series of activities to promote gender equality within the framework of the “Media for gender balance” campaign. The aim is to spread positive models of activities involving equal participation of women and men and to combat gender stereotypes through the media.

A series of shows dedicated to various gender issues will be broadcast within the campaign, displaying a specific approach to the involvement of women and men in specific activities. The shows will be available both online and at local and national television stations.

Another activity planned under the campaign involves monitoring TV channels in terms of observing the gender balance and identifying existing gaps. All observations will be included in a report, which will contain a number of recommendations for the media, to improve their content and to promote positive patterns of involvement of women and men in all aspects of social, political, family life etc.

Journalists will be encouraged to address gender equality in a competition of materials, announced by the IJC in order to increase the media interest in this subject and to ensure observance of the gender balance in the media. 

We invite colleagues from the media to be a part of the campaign by taking and distributing materials produced by us and through increased awareness of the gender balance in their everyday work.

Activities conducted as part of the campaign

1. Contests
Contest of Journalistic Materials as part of the IJC Campaign “Media for Gender Balance”

2. Cycle of programs “Divided by Two” [Romanian “Împărțit la doi”], through which the IJC aims to bring gender issues to the attention of the public and to present positive models of involvement of women and men in different spheres of life.
The BCC Recommends Televisions to Air IJC’s “Divided by Two” Shows Free of Charge

“Split in Two”, a New Series of Shows Produced by the IJC

“Divided by Two”: Gender-Based Violence and Moldovan Legislation

“Divided by Two”: Masculanized and Feminized Professions on the Moldovan Labor Market

"Divided by two" (orig. `Împărțit la doi” ): women from the public administration vs gender prejudices

"Divided by two" (orig. „Împărțit la doi”) : women in business, between necessity and passion

"Divided by two": Women in Politics

“Divided by Two”: How to find the golden mean between family and career?

“Divided by Two”: Paternal leave

"Divided by two": Sexist advertising – how to stop it?

“Divided by Two”: Domestic Violence – What Solutions Do We Have?

“Divided by Two”: What Is Sexual Harassment and How Do We Fight It?

“Divided by Two”: How Do Media Balance Genders?

“Divided by Two”: The Image of Man and Woman Created by the Media

“Divided by Two”: Gender Inequality in the Health System

“Divided by Two”: Salary Differences between Men and Women

Divided by Two: How Equal Are Men and Women in the Eyes of God?

“Divided by Two”: Equal Opportunities in Elections for Men and Women

“Divided by Two”: Gender Identity, How Much Does It Split Us?

Divided by Two: Education for Gender Equality – at School or at Home?

Divided by Two: Is Postnatal Depression a Disease or a Whim?

3. Media monitoring from the perspective of gender equality

The “Media for gender balance” campaign is implemented by the Independent Journalism Center with the financial support of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency through the Swedish Embassy in Chisinau.