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IJC Asked the Broadcasting Council to Monitor NTV Moldova, Accent TV and Central Television

04 October 2019
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In a letter sent on 4 October 2019, the Independent Journalism Center (IJC) requested the Broadcasting Council (BC) to monitor the TV channels Central Television, NTV Moldova and Accent TV and observe their compliance to the legislation during the current election campaign. This request was submitted after launching the first report that monitored 10 broadcasters' reflection of the general local and parliamentary election on 20 October, developed by IJC as part of the Coalition for Free and Fair Elections.

The first monitoring report, regarding the period 20-27 September 2019, found that most of the monitored television channels reflected the election campaign in a neutral way, but some of them showed political partisanship by advantaging or disadvantaging certain election candidates or relying on a single source of information.

Namely, during the reported period Central Television favoured the representatives of Shor Political Party; the national broadcasters Prime TV and Publika TV disadvantaged the candidate of ACUM/PAS/PPDA – Andrei Nastase – by selecting a negative context of the news regarding him; NTV Moldova and Accent TV promoted the PSRM candidate, Ion Ceban, massively.

The IJC notification mentioned that ‘On the basis of Article 83(3) of the Audiovisual Media Services Code, we demand the BC to commence the procedure of monitoring the broadcasters NTV Moldova, Accent TV, Central Television reflection of the election campaign, in order to analyse the way they respect the legal provisions on ensuring accurate information (Article 13, Audiovisual Media Services Code)’.

During 20 September – 19 October, IJC will present weekly monitoring reports on the behaviour of the ten television channels and will notify the BC on all of the cases where severe violations committed by broadcasters are detected.

We would like to remind you that the BC announced that they would monitor only six audiovisual media service providers in the current election campaign – Moldova 1, Moldova 2, Prime TV, Canal 2 TV channels and Radio Moldova and Radio Moldova Youth radio stations on the basis of Article 70(12) (Electoral Code).

Some media experts believe that by reducing the number of monitored channels, the audiovisual regulatory authority might protect certain broadcasters affiliated to PSRM – which is one of the currently governing parties.